Gastronomy is based on authentic dishes that you can enjoy in many restaurants in and around Šilo.
Specialties based on seafood and dishes prepared according to old recipes with lots of local aromatic herbs and spices are the basic features of the island cuisine.
Lamb from island Krk is famous for its high quality because the sheep are in the open air and eat only natural foods.
Besides lamb, sheep cheese and local ham named "pršut" is another specialty that is part of every restaurant menu.
For pasta lovers there is "must try" specialty named "šurlice" that is part of every local cuisine
From this list we can not leave out the olive oil from island Krk that is produced here since ancient times.
Of the desserts, there are a lot of different homemade cake
Excellent vine named "Vrbnička Žlahtina" will go down well with each of the island's specialties.